"Minaeus, the Lady of Light, has blessed this herself"

Guise of Minaeus is a Super Rare Cloth armor. It is preceded by the Super Rare Raiment of Radiance and succeeded by the Tier 1 Epic, Aetheron Robes.

Stats Edit

Level Attack Defense Armor
46 0 124 8.0%
58 (max) 0 156 9.5%

Special Properties Edit

  • +1.0% Crit chance
  • +10% Soul Energy
  • +275 Health
  • +25% Light Resistance
  • +20% Shadow Resistance

Requirements Edit




Void Cores: 7


Guise of Minaeus is practically worthless. Its stats and special properties are immediately outclassed by the next cloth armor piece, Aetheron Robes. There is absolutely no good reason to spend 7 valuable Void Cores on an armor piece that provides 25% Light and 20% Shadow resistances rather than crafting Aetheron Robes instead, which provides a 25% increase to all resistances, for a cost of only 2 additional cores.

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