Level ??? (Min), 33 (Max)
Rarity: Rare
Type: Damage Dealer
Fire resist: 0%
Ice resist: 0%
Lightning resist: 0%
Poison resist: 0%
Light resist: 0%
Shadow resist: 0%
Stun resist: 0%

"Adds a little humor to this sad troupe of bandits."

Harlequin Status Special



  • Spark: Deals ranged lightning damage to a single target.
  • Minor Heal: Heals a small amount damage to a single ally.


  • Harlequin can heal allies when they sustain damage. It is recommended to take them out with a ranged attack before they increase the survivability of their allies
  • His Spark skill does lightning damage at range. Like all magic-based attacks, it ignores armor but weak against heroes with high lightning resistance.
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