Heavy Pick is a uncommon Two-Handed Hacking weapon.

Description Edit

This huge pick has immense destructive power, excellent for smashing through defenses

Properties Edit

Heavy Pick recipe

Max Level: 55

Max Att: 121

Max Def: 0

Max Dmg: 41

+1.0% crit chance

Strategy Edit

Although this weapon has a lot more damage than its predecessor weapons, it also gives you a critical 1% chance, but it has an extremely low attack, it is actually the weapon with the smallest attack for this class of weapon, then take advantage of the damage it has.

It may even fall to you in the game, but it is more preferable to stay with Great Mace, which has a much larger attack and damages reasonably to the level you are in, to start your journey. That's why it's not worth creating or improving the Heavy Pick, only serving to sell in large quantities, or fuse them with a better weapon.

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