Hellstaff it's the second weapon of the class Rare in which one can graph, or as an event reward, and as a random drop, for the class Staff.

Hellstaff recipe

About HellstaffEdit

A true infernal weapon with fire power, being up to then in this class of Staff weapon one of the most powerful weapons of attack and damage. Their properties are also very good, such as having a 1% chance of critical hits and critical damage, and having a 15% fire resistance. Hellstaff even surpasses the classes Super Rare Staff in offensive power, being perfect for the Mage and also for the Archmage.

Anyway, it's very worth creating this weapon as long as you do not have the level to create the epic weapons, although you can also have this weapon in a chest reward somewhere in the mission of the game if you have never gone, or fall into any Dungeon event or Wizard Tower.

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