Heroic missions give you rewards based on the type of mission (bronze, silver or gold) and the hero sent on the mission. Using one of the preferred heroes doubles the reward.

The hero sent cannot be used for any other gameplay during the mission. Note that it does not matter if the mission ends after the daily reset, the mission will still complete as expected and reward can be retrieved.


Some part of the reward is based on your level.

Type Reward (with preferred hero)
Bronze 1 soul stone, 2 scrolls, level*50 gold, level*20 training points
Silver 1 soul stone, 4 scrolls, level*100 gold, 10 gems
Gold 2 soul stones, 6 scrolls, level*200 gold, level*20 skill points, 20 gems

Also, 8 completed Heroic Missions unlocks the purple Heroic Grand Chest which contains 2 golden soul stones, 3 ancient scrolls, 1000 training points and 5000 gold.

Types of missionEdit

Timers for heroic missions are multiplied by hero rarity.

Common Uncommon Rare Super Rare Epic
Bronze 0.5 hours 1 hour 1.5 hours 2 hours 3 hours
Silver 2 hours 4 hours 6 hours 8 hours 12 hours
Gold 4 hours 8 hours 12 hours 16 hours 24 hours

Missions availableEdit

Type Name Preferred heroes
Bronze Blademaster's Seminar Kensai icon Samurai icon Swashbuckler icon
Bronze Dark Arts Faire Blackguard icon Necromancer icon Warlock icon Witch icon
Bronze Jungle Passage Amazon icon Druid icon Berserker icon
Bronze Solstice Summoning Druid icon Monk icon Mystic icon Sorceress icon
Bronze Tourney Jaunt Archer icon Cavalier icon Knight iconSpellsword icon
Bronze Travelling Archery Range Archer icon Barbarian icon Ranger icon
Bronze Turgan's Steal'n'Fence Berserker icon Ninja icon Thief icon
Bronze Venture into Darkness Knight icon Mage icon Warlock icon
Bronze Visions of Viarus Archmage icon Mage icon Sorceress icon
Silver Aesthetic Odyssey Cleric icon Monk icon Mystic icon
Silver Arena Tour Berserker icon Fighter icon Shaman icon Warmaster icon
Silver Auld King Excavation Mystic icon Sorceress icon Thief icon Witch icon
Silver Farmlands Survey Archer icon Mage icon Witch icon
Silver Journey to the North Amazon icon Barbarian icon Berserker icon Knight icon
Silver Kobold Raid Fighter icon Knight icon Swashbuckler icon
Silver Old Ruins Delve Kensai icon Thief icon Warlock icon
Silver Sunny Sojourn Archer icon Fighter icon Paladin icon
Silver Trademaster's Venture Knight icon Fighter icon Thief icon
Silver Valorous Crusade Cleric icon Paladin icon Templar icon
Gold Cattle Drive Cavalier icon Cleric icon Mage icon Mystic icon
Gold Dungeon Crawl Cleric icon Druid icon Fighter icon Samurai icon
Gold Explore Ruins of Valdraeis Warmaster icon Thief icon Spellsword icon
Gold Hook Mountain Traverse Barbarian icon Cleric icon Spellsword icon
Gold Long Voyage Amazon icon Pirate icon Sorceress icon
Gold Mystical Hike Monk icon Mystic icon Ninja icon Witch icon
Gold Oversea Voyage Archer icon Pirate icon Swashbuckler icon
Gold River Crossing Monk icon Paladin icon Pirate icon Samurai icon
Gold Voyage of Discovery Mage icon Pirate icon Shaman icon


  • The Mage is the hero with the most heroic missions he is preferred in, with a total of five.
  • Then as the rarity gets higher, the maximum preferred mission amount is decreased by 1 per rarity (Uncommon 4, Rare 3, Super Rare 2 and Epics have 1) Note: only the Warlock and Paladin have 3 preferred mission unlike the rest of the uncommon.
  • Valkyrie and Battle Priest are the only heroes that do not have a preferred heroic mission (some of the stones can be recouped in Valkyrie's Expedition). This is due to them having been added in after the heroic missions were created.
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