"This thick leather hide protects its wearer well"

Hide of Sargothian is an uncraftable Super Rare Leather armor. It can be obtained by defeating stage 5 of Zaluss The Demolisher.

Max StatusEdit

  • Level: 60
  • Atc: 54
  • Def: 150
  • Arm: 17%

Special PropertiesEdit

  • 5% Slower cooldown to all skills
  • +650 Health
  • +50% Stun Resistance
  • Wrath of Nature (Cyclone and Entangle deal more damage)


Hide of Sargothian is an awkward gear piece to use. While its extra health and stun resistance would make for a better tank, the 5% slower cooldown can be somewhat of a problem. One way to effectively utilize the armor is to use it on Druid in tandem with Eye Of Chaos for a DPS Druid build. Not only do Hide of Sargothian and Eye of Chaos both have Wrath of Nature, which stack with Druid's own Wrath of Nature, but the 35% faster cooldowns for Eye of Chaos can counteract the hide's 5% slower cooldowns. Another possible use for Hide of Sargothian is on Amazon, who can use Frenzy to override the downside of slower skill cooldowns.

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