"A witch once scorned by an honorable swordsman cursed this rose"

Iron Rose is the Tier 3 Epic One Handed Stabbing weapon. It is preceded by the Tier 2 Epic, Piercing Blade.

Special Properties Edit

  • 15.0% Dodge
  • 15% Slower cooldown to all skills
  • +25% Armor
  • -25 HP every 3 turns
  • Thorns (reflect melee damage)

Stats Edit

Level Attack Defense Damage
56 112 224 77
60 120 240 82
75(max) 150 300 100

Crafting componentsEdit


Components needed
Min Level + Hardwood icon
Steel bar icon
Mystical essence icon
Adamantine bar icon
Arcane shard icon
Celestial orb icon
Void core icon
Max Level 56+ Hardwood icon 695 Steel bar icon 452 Mystical essence icon 321 Adamantine bar icon 521 Arcane shard icon 275 Celestial orb icon 44 Void core icon 19


Iron Rose is very much a defensive weapon, owing to its high Defense stat as well as increased Dodge and Armor, making it a much better version of Dark Defender. In return, its Attack and Damage stats are worse compared to Piercing Blade, and the 15% slower cooldowns aren't doing any favors. The weapon is best suited for a frontline Necromancer or Valkyrie when attacking Towers, as it deals massive Thorns damage to a Shaman with Wrath Of The Mountain or Kensai with Muramasa. A Swashbuckler could also benefit greatly due to the greater chance of performing a Riposte and the greater defense and Thorns damage when he doesn't dodge. Blackguard is better off with Piercing Blade, and Pirate is hardly worth mentioning.

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