Jade Fist of Kung Huo is a tier 1 epic Fist. It is followed by the tier 2 epic, Gladiator's Talons, and preceded by the super rare, Claws of the Demon.

Stats Edit

Max level: 60

Max stats: 167, 12, 150 (attack, defense, damage)

Void Core: 7

Strategy Edit

Jade Fist of Kung Huo is a slight upgrade to the Fist of the Dark One, a testament to how strong the Fist of the Dark One is that it can come close to an epic in power. However, without an element type, the damage benefits completely from Shaman's Spirit Rage and Monk's Ki Shout. Shaman-reliant users will benefit from crafting this as they move into the mid-40s where epic armor begins to counter the Fist of the Dark One.

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