"Exceptionally strong and light, perfect for combat"

Keldis's Raiment is the Tier 2 Epic Chain armor. It is preceded by the Tier 1 Epic, Dragonscale Armor, and succeeded by the Tier 3 Epic, Chain of the Wretched.

Base StatsEdit

Level 55 60 65 70 75
Attack 71 97
Defense 181 247
Armor 21.5% 25.3

Special Properties Edit

  • +2.0% Crit chance
  • +4.0% Dodge
  • +600 Health
  • +15% Stun Resistance
  • +8% Magic Resistance

Strategy Edit

An improved version of Dragonscale Armor, the Keldis Raiment provides strictly defensive bonuses, making it ideal for heroes such as Cleric and Samurai to attain greater survivability. It is perhaps not as suited for offensive heroes such as Shaman and, in some cases, Warmaster; a speed-increasing gear piece like Chainskin or a damage-boosting gear piece like Chain of the Wretched would be preferred.

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