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"Don't blink" - Kensai

The Kensai is a super rare hero in Tower Keepers. He uses One Handed Slashing weapons and Cloth armor.


Damage dealer: The ultimate master of the blade.

Base status Edit

Armor 0.0% Fire resist 0.0%
Dodge 7.0% Poison resist 0.0%
Critical chance 5.0% Stun resist 20.0%
Initiative 2.0 Light Resist 15.0%
Attack/Defense/Health Shadow Resist 15.0%


Soul SkillEdit

  • Perfect Strike: Deals physical true damage to a single target.

Active SkillsEdit

  • Blade Slash: Deals physical damage to a single target.
  • Whirlwind Strike: Deals ranged physical damage to all enemies.
  • Vital Strike: Deals physical damage to a single target and boosts critical hit chance.
  • Inner Focus: Increases attack briefly.
  • Blade Meditation: Increases damage of Kensai's next attack.

Passive SkillsEdit

  • One With The Blade: Increases attack.
  • Critical Accuracy: Increases critical hit chance.
  • Iaijutsu Master: Lowers all skill cooldowns.


Kensai is an extremely melee-focused hero who can reach high levels of attack, especially if you consider using both Inner Focus and Blade Meditation, both with short cooldowns, in your attack.

Kensai is a great hero that is worth upgrading and crafting gear for. Because of the short to medium cooldowns on his attacking skills, he can efficiently dispatch an enemy in little time. He has one of the highest base critical hit chance percentages in the game, good initiative, and great attack power, along with with decent defense and health, thus making him one of the best heroes in the game.

The recommended active skill layout for Kensai is:

  • Vital strike: Arguably Kensai's best and most important skill, this is a must for combat. Deals moderate to heavy damage while also having a boosted critical hit chance. This is what makes Kensai one of the most sought-after heroes in PvP.
  • Whirlwind Strike: An Area of Effect (AoE) skill, this can be great for gaining soul energy for your heroes to use, which comes in handy if you need to get in that extra defense skill, a potent attack, or a revive. Whirlwind is a ranged attack, so this skill also comes in handy when facing enemies that have melee counterattacks.
  • Inner Focus: Increasing your attack for a couple of Kensai's slashes can speed up a victory or save a game, even if it seems that the boost isn't that big. A +50% boost combined with critical hits (which are basically a given on Kensai) can combine for some massive damage. When combined with his soul skill Perfect Blade, it has the potential to make him extremely powerful

His other active skills are Blade Meditation and Blade Slash. Blade Slash is a regular, short-cooldown attack that can get heavy boosts from Inner Focus and Blade Meditation, as well as his passive skills, but considering that Vital Strike naturally deals more damage with an added critical hit boost, Blade Slash isn't as necessary unless you want to go for as many hits as possible with a critical hit chance.

Blade Meditation is similar to Inner Focus with the exception that it boosts attack only for the next attack. However, it can boost the next attack up to +80%, so if you are focusing on maximum damage on Perfect Strike and Vital Strike, Blade Meditation can be used in place of Whirlwind Strike. However, with two damage boosting skills, you are once again sacrificing the frequency of your attacks. It all depends on what your play style with Kensai is going to be: will he make fewer attacks but deal massive damage with each, or will he be a fast-striking Kensai trying to get in as many critical hits as possible, thereby whittling down your opponents, but with less damage per attack.

His recommended passive skills are One With The Blade and Critical Accuracy, which boost your attack generously and your critical hit chance, respectively. Iaijutsu master lowers cooldowns by a good amount, but since Kensai doesn't have long cooldowns in general, this isn't a good passive to use unless you are going for fast attacks and you're willing to give up a potentially significant amount of damage per attack.

Written by helipilotmonkey12345


Kensai has the highest attack of any hero in the game, with very good critical chance and initiative, placing him among the best heroes.

His critical chance is the highest in the game, with an initial 5%. His Critical Accuracy passive adds 13% at max, Muramasa another 30% and Aetheron Robes tacking on 3%, totaling 51% critical chance! Vital Strike even carries an extra 35% at max, making Vital Strike 86% likely to critically damage an opponent!

Combining Inner Focus and Blade Meditation can make Perfect Strike deal a high amount of true damage or Vital Strike deal high amounts of physical damage.

One of the best, if not the best, melee-centered heroes in PvP battles, as he is capable of taking down almost anyone!


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