King's Hammer is the tier 2 epic One Handed Hacking weapon. It is preceded by the tier 1 epic Ambusher's Hacker.

Stats Edit

Level 55 60 65 70 75
Attack 82 90 112
Defense 118 128 138 148 158
Damage 114 124 152
King's Hammer recipe

About King's HammerEdit

King's Hammer is an interesting weapon. Its attack stat is lower than the Ambusher's Hacker while its defense and damage are higher. Depending on the team, the Hacker is still preferable on Barbarian and Thief because of its offensive properties. However, the Cleric, Warmaster and Paladin all benefit very nicely from this weapon, because these heroes are not inherently offensive. Their skills tend to involve buffing the party and the party-wide cooldown reduction synergizes greatly. Also the soul energy means they'll gain more soul energy for their actions.

Generally recommended to craft at least two because of the dragon but more is always good.

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