Korgan, Bandit Lord

Level: 8 (Min), 60 (Max)
Rarity: Epic
Type: Warrior
Armor: 20%
Fire Resist: 10%
Ice Resist: 20%
Lightning Resist: 10%
Poison Resist: 30%
Light Resist: 10%
Shadow Resist: 20%
Stun Resist: 50%

Self-styled king of the bandits"



  • Hilt Bash - Deals physical damage
  • Great Slash - Deals physical damage to a row


  • Korgan is the boss of campaign 1; A Shadow Grows. Although he lacks a defensive skill of his more common cousins, he still dishes out damage with his attack skills.
  • Great slash allows him to deal heavy damage to a row, which is devastating if he manages to land a hit on 3 row targets
  • Both attack skills deal physical damage, meaning heroes with good armor can decrease his damage potential.
  • Because of his low health, it can not really be recommended to use him in tower


Korgan is obtainable for a limited amount of time by beating level 18 of Korgan's Revenge on extreme difficulty. As an obtainable unit he starts at level 25 once acquired. Beating level 20 on extreme earns another Korgan, but a level 80 one.

Like all boss monsters, if he is placed in the last floor of your tower, a unique mug shot of him will appear at the start and the end of the battle similar to battling him in the campaign.


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