"Centuries old, Kragnor is a powerful warlord amongst the Undead."



  • Kragnor, Undead Warlord Status
    Great Slash - deals physical damage to a row
  • Slash - deals physical damage
  • Lightning Bolt - deals ranged lightning damage


He finds himself on the last Stage of Edge of Doom being protected by some Skeletal Dreadnought, although he has good reinforced resistance from high armor and strong electric attacks, but he can easily be killed by a well-prepared hero, especially if he doesn't. have fire and ice, which are the main resistances of Kragnor.

But in Gathering Storm, Kragnor gets a huge buff in all his abilities, especially in critical damage being extremely high and even buffing, along with the reinforcement of the other monsters that also buff Kragnor. But incredible as it may seem, he will be far less threatening than Marull, Necromancer, since here you can have 4 heroes to face him, where you can put Cleric and Druid to quickly heal heroes in poor health, or replace her by Mystic Doubt If you choose the most brutal offensive, placing a hero with high health and defense, preferably a tank like Knight, or Warmaster that greatly increases defense and armor statistics, plus a hero with very high damage, can easily clear the scenery before ending it with Kragnor once and for all. And once you defeat him in extreme mode, you will receive a Kragnor, Undead Warlord in the end.

But it is not very advisable to use him for tower protection, as his life is not too high and since he cannot drop monsters to defend the tower, it makes him almost as useless as Korgan, even at very low guardian level.

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