Lesser Demon

Level 44 (Min), 75 (Max)
Rarity: Common
Type: Warrior
Fire resist: 50%
Ice resist: 0%
Lightning resist: 0%
Poison resist: 0%
Light resist: 20%
Shadow resist: 20%
Stun resist: 0%
Lesser Demon‏‎ is a common class monster that is found in many campaigns, story mode and also in special campaigns for heroes, or Boss, or some other event.
Lesser Demon Status



  • Claw (Deals physical damage)
  • Dark Mist (Increases dodge of party)


Although they are small and weak, but their ability to greatly increase the evasiveness of allies makes it very difficult and annoying to be able to defeat him unless his attacks are either line or area.

Because they are common monsters, it is very easy to drop a Lesser Demon, but they are extremely useless for hero campaigns because they are very easy to kill, but they are very important for defending the Tower at an intermediate level, since their evasive ability helps you defend your walking hero, or the most important monsters in defense such as the Ice Torrent and monsters that greatly weaken the attackers and heroes of the attackers.

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