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Machines are a unique form of defense units in Tower Keepers. These mindless automatons are used to defend your Tower and they make up the space incase you don't have a monster that could be used. Some Hero Campaigns also require players to use Machines in place of a hero or two.

Machines vary in rarity and role, but unlike heroes and monsters there are only 3 types of machines; Damage dealers, warriors and tanks. Once you're further in level and crafting capabilities you can use more unique machines with skills that expand further than their simple roles. You can combine them as well if you want them to either be up to scratch or go further than your keeper level.

Acquiring machinesEdit

Monsters can be hard to find, which is why you can craft machines to make up for that. Like equipment you need to learn the recipe first before you can craft them indefinitely. They can also be acquired randomly from Campaign levels, chests or PvP, and also found as a reward with a set level in Catacombs, Wizard Tower and Festival Events.

List of machinesEdit

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