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"Yes, I tried zapping the cage lock, geez..." - Mage

The Mage is a common damage dealer hero in Tower Keepers. He uses Staves and Cloth armor. He is one of the first heroes you start off with along with the Fighter and the Cleric.


Damage Dealer: Specializes in wreaking havoc with powerful magic spells.


Soul SkillEdit

  • Rain of Fire: Deals fire damage to all enemies.

Active SkillsEdit

  • Zap: Deals lightning damage to a single target.
  • Fireball: Deals fire damage to all enemies.
  • Acid Lance: Deals poison damage 5 times to enemies in a line.
  • Mage Armor: Increases Mage's armor temporarily.
  • Ice Bolt: Freeze target and deal cold damage.

Passive SkillsEdit

  • Discretion: Increases Mage's armor and all resistances.
  • Wisdom: Increases training points earned from combat.
  • Healthy: Increases Mage's health by a large amount.


  • As a ranged damage dealer, the Mage can pick off targets at any position with good damage output.
  • He has a variety of attacks of different types; lightning, fire, cold and poison attack skills.
  • Since he has no physical-based attacks, he is able to take down enemies with high armor without the reduction in damage, especially against tanky enemies.
  • It is recommended to have Discretion or Healthy chosen which will make him tougher to beat. At 4 stars you can have both to maximize his survivability.
  • His passive skill, Wisdom, is very useful for farming training points as it increases the reward by a percentage. Use it if you're low on training points.
  • Be aware that certain enemies have resistances against one of his attacks. Read the info of enemies before combat to be informed of which has high resistance against a particular element. For example, a Zombie has very high poison resistance making the Mage's Acid Lance skill ineffective.
  • Due to his low defense and usage of cloth armor, it is best to have him at the back so that the heroes at the front can take the damage for him while he returns the punishment back.
  • He is capable of reaching the 80% resistance cap on Fire, Ice and Lightning when using Discretion, Aetheron Robes and being paired with Cleric using Charismatic Leader, if Discretion and Charismatic Leader are high enough levels. Warmaster with Commanding Aura or Mystic with Knowledge can boost magic resistances enough to allow his Poison, Light and Shadow to also reach 80%. This can allow him to take massive magic damage.



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