Marull, Necromancer is the boss monster of Campaign 2, and Grim Harvest.

Marull, Necromancer Boss Status Max



  • Shadowfire
  • Curse of agony
  • Animate corpse


Found on the last Stage of The Poisoned Well, Marull is protected by two Plague Demon and can still summon Zombies to reinforce the attacks, however he is extremely limited his attacks and easily defeated, mainly against Paladin type light heroes and Priest of Battles.

However, in Grim Harvest, his attacks and damage are greatly increased, he can summon many more monsters and sacrifice them to recover a huge gigantic life, where here to be limited to only using 3 heroes, it is necessary to use the Druid to be able quickly recover your life and two more high-damage heroes, to quickly eliminate the monsters invoked before they use to reclaim their lives. Using Cleric here is useless because he dies easily with few strokes and his healing is very weak. If you can complete this Stage in the Extreme, you will receive your Marull, Necromancer as final reward, having the same ability as boss of Boss 2 in story mode campaign.

But as a defender in the tower unfortunately is completely useless, although in case you can have him at your guardian's level extremely low, it can be a good defense, for a time limitation, since he besides having an extremely high life, but also can summon Zombies, thus extending fight-time.

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