"All beings are connected; in particular, my fist with your face"

Monk is an Uncommon hero. He uses Fist weapons and Cloth armor.


Support: A spiritual warrior who can stun enemies


Soul SkillEdit

Stunning Blow: Deals 107-179 Damage and Stuns target briefly

Active SkillsEdit

  • Quick Strike: Deals 98-164 Damage
  • Ki Strike: Deals 121-202 True Damage
  • Zen State: Dodge increased by 14%, Defense increased by 55%, Heals himself for 237-395
  • Ki Shout: Next attack deals 233% more Damage
  • Blinding Strike: Deals 108-181 Damage and Stuns briefly

Passive SkillsEdit

  • Iron Body: Increases Armour by 29.6%
  • Contemplation: Increases Attack by 55% and Defense by 55%
  • Aura of Stability: Increases Stun Resist of whole party by 55% (All these %s are for a max rank Monk)


Monk has a variety of uses in both PvP and PvE.

His Zen State skill is one of the most important to have, as it boosts his defense and dodge tremendously. When one is looking at the list of heroes in the Heroes screen, sorted by highest Defense, Monk may appear somewhat low on the list. However, this is an illusion, and in reality, Monk has a much higher defense than the game lets on due to the fact that the game doesn't track active skills when determining highest Attack or Defense. Therefore he is perfectly viable at the front of a formation if he has Zen State equipped. His other skills are typically Ki Strike, to deal true damage to an enemy, and Ki Shout, to boost said true damage. Using Stunning Blow is an option if you need to immobilize a strong enemy, but it's recommended that you don't do that when Ki Shout is active because Ki Strike gets more out of it.

Contemplation is yet another vitally important one to have due to the enormous Attack and Defense boosts, a buff which is unparalleled by any other skill in the game. His other passive can be either Iron Body or Aura of Stability in PvP fights, but it depends on what the hero composition is. Iron Body may be preferred in Hero Battles when Monk takes the front of the formation, while Aura of Stability holds superior against heroes that rely on stuns (such as Blackguard, Mystic, or Templar) and against Zaluss The Demolisher for weakening Cage of Bones and Disintegrating Breath.

Monk can make use out of most fist weapons in the game, such as Fist of the Dark One and Jade Fist of Kung Huo. His armor is typically Aetheron Robes for the higher defense and magic resistance. Come level 55, Monk becomes a powerhouse with the Tier 2 weapon, Gladiator's Talons, and Spellthread Robe provides a minor attack boost to help him a bit more. The Tier 3 Fists Of Fury and Soul Cage can also be suitable for him due to their attack speed increases.

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