"The infinitely sharp edge on this demon blade is said to drive men mad"

Muramasa is a Tier 3 Epic One Handed Slashing weapon. It is preceded by the Tier 3 Epic weapon, Vaunted Shadow Blade.

Special Properties Edit

  • +30.0% Crit chance
  • +50% Crit damage
  • -15% Soul energy
  • 10% Slower cooldown to all skills
  • +20% Armor Penetration
  • +60% to all resistances
  • Damage type: light and shadow

Base Stats Edit

Level Attack Defense Damage
55 225 0 165
60 246 0 180
65 266 0 195
70 287 0 210
75(Max) 307 0 225
Level 55 60 65 70 75
Attack 165 180 195 210 225
Defense 0 0 0 0 0
Damage 225 246 266 287 307

Crafting componentsEdit

Components needed
Level 55+ Hardwood icon 424 Steel bar icon 764 Mystical essence icon 339 Adamantine bar icon 318 Arcane shard icon 170 Celestial orb icon 60 Void core icon 19


Although it is considerably cheaper than the Vaunted Shadow Blade, it is many legions more powerful offensively. The armor penetration, extra crit chance, and extra crit damage all cause the wielder of a Muramasa to do insanely high amounts of damage. Kensai and Ninja become fearsome monsters when using this weapon in Hero Battles and Tower defenses, and Spellsword is capable of dealing massive damage with Power Strike and Magic Missile. It is well worth crafting this weapon upon reaching level 55.

Because of the zero defensive value, it's crucial that you have some way of protecting those wielding it.

Also don't use it against the dragon, because the slowdown on your Knight means less Sunders and even if you used a Darkfire Plate to counteract this, the armour penetration causes issues, severely cutting down your Knight's damage potential.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the Alchemist prerequisite being level 50, it is required to have all Artisans at level 55 in order to craft Muramasa due to the level 55 requirement of Vaunted Shadow Blade.
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