Nature's Offering it's the second weapon of the class Super Rare in which one can graph, for the class Staff.

Nature's Offering recipe

About Nature's OfferingEdit

Being similar to the Dark Scepter, it is a weapon made more for defense, although it also serves a bit to be offensive for its attack and damage power is greater than its previous version, but with a much lower defense. However, its properties compensate by giving an increase of 120 health, more 15% of magic resistance and 4% of armor.

Unfortunately although the weapon is Super Rare class, its attack and damage power remains much lower than Hellstaff, but as a defensive weapon, Nature's Offering is at a very high level and can be used by the Mystic or the Druid because they do not prioritize the attack and are more defensive, so it is highly recommended to graph this weapon until you can not get Abjurer's Staff of Protection.

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