Nature's Vengeance it's the third weapon of the class Super Rare in which one can graph, for the class Two-Handed Hacking.

Nature's Recipe

About Nature's VengeanceEdit

Being a very light and ferocious hammer, both its attack and damage points are very low, but it has very high defense. It also gives you a 3.5% critical chance and a -2% enemy dodge as well as 5% faster loads for all your abilities and another 80 bonus of health.

However, although Nature's Vengeance is an extremely defensive weapon, the only hero to use this class of weapon previously is Berserker. Although he has higher late game value despite extremely low defense and resistance, it's not recommended to try to bolster his defense, no matter the temptation. Since the weapon has very low damage and the weapon does not even have an armor reinforcement, it can not even serve as a viable defense for this hero. Even if he is not at a very high level and does not have enough stars to withstand the critical damage given by Bloodbath or Berserker's Rampage, it is more advisable to use the Bonesnap Maul (that is, until the Epic weapons can be unlocked). To anyone even wanting to craft a defensive weapon from this class, the Earthquaker outclasses Nature's Vengeance in every sense: greater defense, attack and damage to rival its successors, greater life bonus, and the aforementioned extra armor.

With the addition of the Battle Priest, a healer with very low attack and damage, this weapon has become much more useful. In this case, it's not a bad idea to craft this weapon until you are able to craft Epic weapons.

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