Nature's Wrath t's the first weapon of the class Rare in which one can graph, or as an event reward, and as a random drop, for the class 2H Slashing.

Nature's Wrath recipe

About Nature's WrathEdit

For a rare weapon she even has a good attack, but her defenses and damage are still very low. it even gives it good properties, such as having 1.5% critical chace, 15% critical damage, 80 health and lastly, 10% resistance to poisoning, being a much better weapon in use by Samurai to take advantage of their true damage when they become critical.

But even so, they're not a good weapon, but way better than uncommon weapons, so it's worth creating them as long as you're not level enough to create the Super Rare weapons, or if your Guild buys Flaming Great Scimitar.

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