Necromancer (monster)

Necromancer monster--mugshot
Level ??? (Min), 43 (Max)
Rarity: Super Rare
Type: DamageDealer
Fire Resist: 10%
Ice Resist: 10%
Lightning Resist: 10%
Poison Resist: 15%
Light Resist: 10%
Shadow Resist: 35%
Stun: 40%

Necromancer is a super rare class monster found in some campaigns and dropped as reward in the Treasure of the Witch campaign. It may be easily confused with the epic hero Necromancer, because of having exactly the same name.

Status MaxEdit

Necromancer Monster Status Max
  • Attack: 271
  • Defense 253
  • Armor 0%


  • Shadowfire (deals Shadow Damage, amount depends on Necromancer's level)
  • Curse of Agony (deals Shadow Damage, 5 times, amount depends on Necromancer's level)
  • Animate Corpse (Summons a Zombie 2 levels lower than the caster)


Having similar abilities to Marull, Necromancer, but in a much weaker version. Because of the low defense and no armor at all, these monsters are not really dangerous, they can just get on your nerves with their Animate Corps skill or when having extra stats/skill in special campaigns. Maybe the high shadow and stun resistance are the only highlights. Usage in Tower doesn't make much sense.

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