Orc Warrior

Level 9 (Min), 39 (Max)
Rarity: Common
Type: Warrior
Fire resist: 0%
Ice resist: 10%
Lightning resist: 0%
Poison resist: 0%
Light resist: 0%
Shadow resist: 0%
Stun resist: 0%

Orc Warrior‏‎ is a common class monster that is found in many campaigns, story mode and also in special campaigns for heroes, or Boss, or some other event.

Ork Warrior Status Max



  • Slash (deals physical damage)
  • Warcry (increases attack of party briefly)


Being an improved version of the Orc, they are much stronger, more resilient and have more armor to resist a little more physical attacks, but have a little less resistance to magic and a good hero can easily eliminate it.

In the middle level at their guardian level, they fall a lot, only they are extremely weak and do not serve any hero campaign, much less to protect their tower, only serving to merge with other monsters much stronger to do them ride up.

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