Requirements Edit

At level 55, Piercing Blade costs 16 Void Cores to craft.


  • Max level: 75
  • Max Att: 225
  • Max Def: 45
  • Max Dmg: 150

Usage Edit

Piercing Blade is arguably the most powerful weapon in the entire game and the first Tier 2 Epic that should be crafted. It is by far the most potent when used by Blackguard, which in addition to already ignoring 70% of enemy defense with Find Weakness level 10 and 34% of armor with Vicious Strike level 10, gets to ignore yet another 20% of the enemy's armor as well. This, combined with the weapon's very high Attack, Defense, and Damage stats at max level and with max enchantments, allows Blackguard to deal monumental amounts of damage.

While Blackguard is the hero that benefits the most greatly from using a Piercing Blade, he is by no means the only one that can use it to great effect. Necromancer gains huge attack power when wielding Piercing Blade, allowing him to not only deal extra AoE damage with Energy Drain but also heal himself more at the same time. Valkyrie with Piercing Blade is used frequently in Hero Battles and against some bosses, achieving higher damage numbers when counterattacking via Wrath of Fire as well as when using Melt Armor to deal even more damage to enemies with high armor stats. Melt Armour isn't actually affected by the armour penetration so don't worry about that. Swashbuckler and Pirate can use Piercing Blade in niche cases.

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