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"Treasure you say? Where's the RUM I say!" - Pirate

The Pirate is an uncommon support hero in Tower Keepers. He uses One Handed Stabbing weapons and Leather armor. He is first unlocked from the Shop for free during the tutorial, making him your first uncommon hero.


Support: Can buff the party and attack from distance with his pistol


Soul SkillEdit

  • Cannoneer: Deal ranged true damage to a single target.

Active SkillsEdit

  • Blade Flash: Deals physical melee damage to a single target.
  • Captain o' the Ship: Increases armour and all resistances of the party temporarily.
  • Master o' the Sea: Give party a small amount of bonus health.
  • Pistol Shot: Deals ranged physical damage to a single target.
  • Pistol Volley: Deals ranged true damage to a row.

Passive SkillsEdit

  • Master Gunner: Increases pistol damage by a small amount.
  • Plunderer: Increases gold obtained from combat.
  • Wrath of the Sea: Increases critical chance when low on health.


  • As an offensive support hero, the Pirate can provide some defensive buffs to teammates and pick off high priority targets with his pistol.
  • Pistol Shot and Pistol Volley are very useful when taking out low-armored damage dealers and healers. They can be buffed by his passive skill Master Gunner to be able to deal more damage.
  • Use his soul skill to finish off targets at low health, as this attack does true damage, which ignores armor (though not Defense).
  • Wrath of the Seas' increased critical chance only occurs when the Pirate is damaged at around half his health. Placing him at the front will allow him to use this skill to its full potential. Just make sure the Pirate is constantly healed.
  • His Plunderer skill increases the amount of gold earned from combat. Use this along with the Cleric's Tithe skill and the Thief's Pickpocket skill when gold farming.
  • His unlockable skills have medium or long cooldowns, which limits his combat capabilities. Allow allies to cover him before he initiates his skills.
  • His low armor makes him an easy target for damage dealers, and would be a bad idea if placed at the front in a 3:1 formation.

Strategies: Edit

Pirate is a good ranged-damage dealer and a decent armor-resist buffer. If you equip him with Captain of the Sea and his Pistol Shot/Volley, then you will be able to make enough damage and defense. Dark Defender is really good on Pirate as, at 5 stars, he will get around 565 defense, making him a good tank.

If you play Catacombs or you're going to raid a tower for gold, it's recommended to use him along with Thief because of his Plunderer skill, but if you want to use him as a tank, then it's preferred to equip him with Dark Defender, to provide him with good defense. The skills Captain o' the Ship and Master o' the Sea will keep him alive even longer.


  • The Pirate's appearance is highly based on an iconic fictional character from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, Jack Sparrow. The Jack is very fond of rum, which explains why the Pirate has a greater interest in rum than treasure.


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