"The Praetorian fervor for battle protects them from harm"

Praetorian Aegis is an uncraftable Super Rare Chain armor. It can be obtained by defeating stage 5 of Zaluss The Demolisher.

Base Stats Edit

Special Properties Edit

  • +2.0% Crit chance
  • +15% Soul Energy
  • +300 Health
  • +40% Shadow Resistance
  • +40% Light Resistance

Strategy Edit

It seems unclear as to what niche Praetorian Aegis can provide. The extra resistances and additional soul energy gain seem to make this more suited for Cleric, especially considering that she gets another soul energy buff with King's Hammer. However, there seems to be a lack of reasons to choose this over the speed-increasing Chainskin or any of the more universally resistant Epic armor pieces, making the utility of Praetorian Aegis questionable.

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