Prelates Justice is a Tier 3 Epic Two Handed Hacking weapon.


Prelates Justice Status Max

Used by Battle Priests to mete out justice.

Stats Edit

Level Attack Defense Damage
56 140 280 105

75 187 375 140

Special Properties Edit

  • +20 Initial soul energy
  • 2% Faster cooldown for party
  • -150 Health
  • +4% Armor
  • Damage Type: Light

Crafting componentsEdit


Components needed
Min Level + Hardwood icon
Steel bar icon
Mystical essence icon
Adamantine bar icon
Arcane shard icon
Celestial orb icon
Void core icon
Max Level 55+ Hardwood icon 565 Steel bar icon 608 Mystical essence icon 261 Adamantine bar icon 347 Arcane shard icon 327 Celestial orb icon 44 Void core icon 21


Don't use this on Berserker! It does not help him very well. It's in the description to just use it on Battle Priest.

Anyway, this weapon has the highest defense of its class (actually, of any weapon), so in addition to its armor, it'll make your Battle Priest quite beefy. The health reduction is easily made up for by using the Theologian passive. The initial soul energy and party buff are somewhat underwhelming compared to other weapons, but they're better than nothing. The light damage type does have pros or cons for Priest. On one hand, the bonus damage isn't actually divided among enemies when using Vengeful Fury, so every enemy takes the full bonus damage. However, the bonus damage is neither affected by Aspirant Warrior when using Holy Strike nor does it count for damage dealt by Spiritual Hammer when using Veritas Lux Mea (so the heal is only based on the base damage dealt).

In summary, this defense weapon serves both to defend the hero and help the group in battle, should you choose this weapon when you reach your level max.

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