"This monstrous mallet is designed to crush anything with ease"

Pulverizer is a Super Rare Two-Handed Hacking weapon. It is preceded by the Super Rare Volcanic Axe and succeeded by the Super Rare Nature's Vengeance.

Stats Edit

Level 35 40 45 50 55 80
Attack 154 223
Defense 0 0
Damage 99 143

Special Properties Edit

  • +4.0% Crit chance
  • +35% Crit damage

Strategy Edit

Pulverizer is a popular choice for Berserker due to its bonuses to crit chance and crit damage, both of which it possesses at the highest among all two-handed hacking weapons. This synergizes extremely well with the Berserker's passive, Reckless. In PvP, a Berserker's damage is mostly only relevant when he scores a critical strike, so it makes sense to amplify this aspect of his kit as much as possible. Conveniently, Pulverizer also has extremely low crafting requirements, which only further cement it as an attractive long-term crafting option.

Nevertheless, Pulverizer is a super rare and has lower base stats than its epic counterparts, making for some debate on its viability relative to Earthquaker and The Unmaker.

The tier 1 epic alternative, Earthquaker, is more well rounded and deals better damage when not landing a critical hit. If your goal with the Berserker is to land many attacks over time, then Earthquaker may be a more viable choice. It will however deal less damage on critical hits, which could be a reason to stay with Pulverizer.

The tier 2 epic alternative, The Unmaker, has several downsides, which are discussed on its respective page. Nevertheless, it's generally assumed the tier 2 epic will outperform Pulverizer through sheer base stats, particularly the attack stat, but it may not be noticeable before major investment to max out The Unmaker's level.

A level 80 Pulverizer from defeating stage 60 of Zaluss The Demolisher may actually be the best possible weapon for Berserker in certain cases. With higher Attack and Damage stats than Earthquaker and much better crit damage, as well as considering the weaknesses of later hammers that deal a bonus damage type, it seems likely that this weapon becomes the most powerful available weapon for a tower-defending Berserker out of all available weapons in the game.

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