Putrid Hulk

Level ??? (Min), 65 (Max)
Rarity: Rare
Type: Tank
Fire Resist: 0%
Ice Resist: 40%
Lightning Resist: 0%
Poison Resist: 60%
Light Resist: 0%
Shadow Resist: 0%
Stun: 0%

Putrid Hulk‏‎ is a rare class monster which is found in several campaigns of heroes and some campaigns of special holidays.

Putrid Hulk Status



  • Bash
  • Stunning blow
  • Deadly rage (passive)


A gigantic and physically disgusting monster, but it holds great brute strength and extremely great stamina, and can also withstand venom and ice, and have a very high life as well.

But your cape rate is a little lower than the other monsters, even if you are at your guardian level at most. But for defense in the tower he is very bad, his only function being stunning, but he can easily be killed with weapons of other magical elements other than poison and ice, but he is quite useful in the treasury missions of Witch in almost all its Stages, since almost all the monsters possess physical attacks and also poisoning as weapons.

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