PvP is one of the modes in the game, where to in order to have access to PvP, in addition to having to reach a minimum Guardian Level, you will also have to create an account to have access, and can register on the main sites that have access to this game.

Here you can be able to make the Attack Tower or the classic Hero Battles, but to access Hero Battles, you must also enter a Guild first.

Attack TowerEdit

You can raid other players' towers and earn trophies, gold, training points, and loot drops. Each time you are paired up with an opponent you either have the option to attack it, or refresh to get another player if the tower/rewards aren't desirable.

You have one hour to attack that player before it automatically refreshes, or you can pay 3 gems to manually refresh it for another opponent. Every time you refresh manually, the next time you refresh will cost more gems if you haven't attacked a tower in the meantime.

If successful you get random loot drops equivalent to half of the floors that tower had, rounded up.

The gold earned from a tower is equal to the sum of all tower defenders' levels * 1.25. (roughly tower rating * 18.5).

Prestige earned is equal to the tower's rating. Tower rating is equal to the sum of all tower defenders' levels / 30, rounded up, then multiplied by 2. This would make the highest theoretical tower rating equal to 170 (max 3,187.5 gold reward).

Prestige earned from a successful tower defense is approximately 60% of your own tower rating (rating x0.6).

Hero Battles Edit

Hero Battles is a PvP mode where two players pit their 4-man teams of heroes against each other. It is available beginning at keeper level X. A player must be in a guild to participate in hero battles, and must have under 500 guild marks in their inventory.

Hero Battles are the most rewarding form of PvP in terms of prestige and guild marks, assuming the player is victorious.

Tier 1 Hero Battles Edit

Tier 1 hero battles take place up until keeper level 29. In this mode, each player has 1 team of four heroes. Entry cost is 100 gold.

Tier 2 Hero Battles Edit

Tier 2 hero battles take place beginning with keeper level 30. In this mode, each player has 3 teams of four heroes, and they pair off until one player wins two matches, meaning the pairing between third teams may not even take place. Entry cost is 200 gold.

Wizard's Chosen Edit

Wizard's Chosen is a hero battle against the computer.

Battle Chests Edit

Battle Chests Common Rare Epic
Key Cost 1 2 4
Skill Points 300 300 1000
Training Points 750 750 2000
Gold 5,000 5,000 20,000
Guild Marks 250 600 2,000
Gems* 5 10 40
Soul Stones 0 or 12

* Gems have a random chance of dropping

† Random chance of dropping may be divided equally among 1, 2, or 3 different heroes

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