Rage of Raegon

Rage of Raegon is the first tier 1 epic Two Handed Stabbing weapon. It is followed by the second tier 1 epic, Frost Spike, and preceded by the super rare, Deathcaller.


  • Blacksmith: 37
  • Alchemist: 25
  • Engineer: 10
  • Void Core: 6


Level Attack Defense Damage
53 127 84 132



57 136 91 142


The only defensively statted spear, it's probably best for the Cavalier. The issue is the Cavalier himself is rarely used. However, at 7* the downside of his soul skill is lower, and the percentage bonus on his skills has scaled, and here is where the Rage of Raegon can shine. At this point, it is possibly even a better choice than the tier 2 epic, Spear of Pain, because the Cavalier's cooldowns are so long that the extra survivability from the Rage of Raegon can be crucial for ensuring he lives long enough to take action.

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