Ranger Status Base temporary
"I am the guardian of the forests, fear my bow!" - Ranger

The Ranger is a epic hero in Tower Keepers. She uses Bow weapons and Leather armors.


Support: A skilled archer who aids her allies and can stun enemies with the power of the force.

Base status Edit

Armor 15% Fire resist 0%
Dodge 5% Poison resist 10%
Critical chance 5% Stun resist 10%
Initiative 3.0


Soul SkillEdit

  • Forest Warrior: Attack is increase briefly and ranger gains bonus health.

Active SkillsEdit

  • Multi Shot: Deal range physical damage to 2 random enemies.
  • Concussive Shot: Deal range physical damage and stun single target.
  • Target Weakness: Ranger deal more damage to target enemy.
  • Barbed Arrow: Deal range physical damage to single target, then target bleeds 3 time.
  • Rescue: Next time a party member is attacked, Ranger take the damage with increase armor.

Passive SkillsEdit

  • Ranger Marshal: Allies have initiative increased and start combat with bonus health.
  • Forest Protector: Increases defense.

Forest Agility: Increase Dodge.

Strategy Edit

Ranger is an epic hero, so it's hard to get her soul stones. She's not so good on early game, but on mid-late game because of rescue skill, forest agility/protector ranger is decent tank because of high defense, armor and good dodge chance. While she's tanking, ranger can deal a lot damage to other enemies, apply dot and stun them. Trueshot bow is a must-have on her because it never misses (it misses on many stacks of dark mist or flint for example) and deals true damage always.

Secondary, she's support but normally she can be damage dealer or tank. Ranger is from best tanks on late game especially on PvP when you use rescue, forest protector or agility along with ranger marshal. You can combine with ninja that equips Praetor's Righteousness and Spellsword to start immediately a combo. That strategy is used often on lvl 55 and then.


Ranger is the only epic hero in the game that is support.

She's also the only one that can make better initiative to heroes.


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