"Raq leads the Orcish hordes with an iron fist, high light resistance."



  • Raq, Orc Overlord Status
    Great Slash - deals physical damage to a row
  • Recruits - summons an orc (half user's level)
  • Slash - deals physical damage
  • Fortified (passive) - immune to critical hits
  • Deadly (passive) - increased critical hit chance


Raq is the boss of the fourth main campaign of the game, Shattered Earth, along with his own special week-long campaign, Demonic Island. As such, he has a weaker non-boss counterpart.

As a campaign boss, he isn't as weak as the previous three campaigns' bosses (Korgan, Marull, and Kragnor), but still isn't particularly useful. He doesn't have any shadow resistance, which makes shadow-dealing heroes (such as Necromancer, Warlock, and Blackguard when using Tendril of Shadow) effective against killing him. In regards to his other stats, while they aren't particularly low, one can craft a Runic Contruct much earlier than they can obtain Raq, and they have better stats than him. Razor Walls, which also have a crit immunity, are also usable to block single-target effects against anything behind them, unlike Raq, and have better defense and health.

As a Damage Dealer, Raq has the Deadly passive, which boosts his crit chance, making it more likely for him to deal increased damage, which can be nasty when using Great Slash (a strong physical move) against 3 low-armor heroes. He also has moderate-good attack, but not enough to justify using him in a tower by the time you can obtain him. He has 2 attacks, plus one that summons new entities, which means pairing him with Warmaster during campaigns that allow monsters (such as Treasure of the Witch) will allow him to deal damage faster, and allows more allies to be influenced by Warmaster.

His unique skill, Recruits, summons an Orc Warrior half his level. It is a completely useless skill, as even the level 80 Raq obtained by beating Demonic Island 13 on extreme will only be able to summon a level 40 Orc Warrior at most, which will still be killable very quickly both in towers and in campaigns that allow monsters, providing easy soul energy, and it counts as a move to lower how many turns are left for heroes to use their currently-recharging soul skills. In tower attacks, Raq using the skill also has the possibility of making attackers who manage to beat your tower get reduced rewards, due to the weird way towers determine rewards and how it gets influenced by summons. Therefore, it is not recommended combining multiple Raqs and Bastians on one floor if making a tower meant for attackers to beat.

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