Razor Wall2

The Razor Wall is an epic crafting recipe for Machines.

It is the most advanced recipe among "Tank" machine types.

Status MaxEdit

  • Level: 75
  • Atc: 0
  • Def: 1000? -correct this if needed
  • Arm: 20%



As a wall-type, the Razor Wall protects the unit directly behind it. Any single-target attacks targeting the protected unit, whether melee or ranged, are automatically redirected to the wall instead. Non-single-target attacks such as line or row, including double-target abilities like the Ranger's multi-shot, can however damage units behind a wall.

And because Razor Wall has the longest life among the machines, even surpassing the lives of many heroes at their level max, and with the best defense and armor, makes it nigh-indestructible using any defense strategy in the Tower and can even be used in the last extreme stage of the Pirate's Special Campaign.


Even Razor Wall is an inanimate object, but when it receives an evasive buff, it can dodge various melee attacks and ranged attacks.

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