Runic Construct2

The Runic Construct is an epic crafting recipe for Machines.

It is the most advanced recipe among "Warrior" machine types.

Crafting RequirementsEdit

  • Blacksmith 20
  • Alchemist  30
  • Engineer   25



The Runic Construct is a supportive/tank type warrior, with above-average stats, the ability to stun a foe, the hard-to-kill passive, and the ability to raise its attack and defense even further, while lacking in damage dealing. It works best as a frontliner, allowing it to use its high stun resistance to prevent stuns from doing much, its high defense to reduce most melee attackers' damage potential, and its hard-to-kill status to severely hurt physical attackers' damage output. It is good to put it alongside Cleric or Druid, due to its ability to take a lot of damage allowing healing to be highly valuable on it. Warmaster is also a good hero to pair with it, due to his ability to reduce its skill cooldowns (allowing it to boost its attack and defense faster with more Overloads, and stun more often with Stunning Blow), and his ability to boost its damage output.

As an upgraded form of the Runed Golem, a Super Rare Warrior-type machine, it is worth skipping over the Runed Golem and crafting one of these instead, as the only thing between them to prevent one from crafting a Runic Construct over a Golem, besides minimum crafting requirements, is the Chill Turret. Runic Constructs aren't overly powerful machines, so they aren't really worth crafting as a tower defender besides being able to boost your tower's rating. However, they are good for some campaigns that allow machines, due to their high stats and overload ability, so it's recommended to craft one just for the purpose of using in campaigns.

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