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There is no dishonor in death!

Samurai is a rare hero and deals great damage.

Description: Edit

Warrior: A strong warrior who terrorizes his opponents.

Soul skill: Mighty strike: Deals X true damage to an enemy.

Skills: Edit

Deadly cut: Deals X damage with 3%* critical chance.

Warrior's challenge: All enemies must attack samurai briefly, samurai gets 3%* armor.

Finishing strike: Deals heavy X damage to an opponent X% more if target below 22%*.

Fearsome visage: Stuns target briefly*.

Demon shout: Lowers all attack of enemies by 23%*.

*Every lvl+ 1% critical chance.

*Every lvl+ 1% armor.

*Every lvl+2%.

*Every lvl stuns enemy for longer.

*Every lvl +2%.

Passive skills: Edit

Way of the warrior: Increase attack and damage.

Great resolve: Increase magic resist by 8%*.

Honor above all: Increase armor and defense.

*Every lvl+2%.

Summary: Edit

There are a lot of ways to go about him. Demon Shout is basically a necessity, it lets the enemy hit you for less. Pre-55, he doesn’t have the potential to be used for damage. As a result, you should use Demon Shout and Warrior’s Challenge as his active skills and both defensive passive skills. Fearsome Visage is usually slotted in for the stun or an attack to add a bit of extra damage to the team. At level 55, you unlock access to the Reaver's Blade. This is a hugely offensive weapon. As a result you can change up the skills to a more damaging setup and wreak havoc. It’s still viable to use him as a tanky debuffer but you now have this viability.

For weapons, you generally want to aim at more defensive weapons. Dominator has the highest defense out of all his available weapons pre-55, Accursed Spark outdoes it at 55. At 55, if you want to go the damage route, Reaver’s Blade is pretty much unparalleled. Armour at any point should just be the best you can get at that level.

Trivia: Edit

Samurai is among the best heroes in the game? He can be used as damage dealer, warrior, tank, with his demon scout support ie he s good on everything.

His skill demon scout is the best skill of any hero/enemy in the game. He looks great <<pvp paladin>> and medium <<pve paladin>> but normal paladin is great at pve and medium at pvp!

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