Sharp Falshin Status Special

Sharp Falchion Lv 93 weapon as a reward for at Fighter's Adventure after completing Stage 10, as normal

"A powerful single-edged sword with great cutting power."

Sharp Falchion is the first craftable weapon of the of the One Handed Slashing weapon crafting tree. It can also be aquiered as a random drop at any campaign battle.

Stats MaxEdit

  • Level: 55
  • Atc: ??
  • Def: 0
  • Dmg: ??


Sharp Falchion is one of the weakest weapons in the game, with no extra properties and extremely low damage, but it is the first weapon you receive as a Fighter during the tutorial after you save the smiths on Stage 3 of the first campaign as a gift.

Although the weapon is extremely useless in the fights, it still has a very large role in helping you achieve archival in the creations of weapons, for its component is one of the cheapest to manufacture: spend only a small amount of iron with a much smaller amount of wood and mystical excellence. In addition to this weapon falling heavily in combat, you can sell and increase your income if you drop enough of this weapon to be able to buy better weapons.

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