"Some of the best protection available"

Shell of Protection is a craftable super-rare Plate armor. It is preceded by the super-rare Hellborn Platemail and succeeded by the tier 1 epic Dreadplate.


Crafting componentsEdit

Components needed
Min Level 41+ Hardwood icon 136 Steel bar icon 153 Mystical essence icon 98 Adamantine bar icon 55 Arcane shard icon 21 Celestial orb icon 8 Void core icon 5
Max Level Hardwood icon Steel bar icon Mystical essence icon Adamantine bar icon Arcane shard icon Celestial orb icon Void core icon


Being an improved version of Hellborn Platemail, all its statuses are larger and even has a bit of armor attack, while its properties are much better as well, having 20% spell resistance plus an increase of 350 health and have 15% resistance to stun, a perfect armor for any hero tank, even his Cavalier is excellent armor mainly for his extra health that makes him withstand more time in the field of combat.

That's why it's really worth creating the Shell of Protection as long as you're not level enough to create the epic armor.

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