"Shikar, the Vampire Lord, resides in this opulent manor."

Shikar, Vampire Lord is the boss monster of Campaign 5, The Covenant, and The Crimson Masquerade.



  • Swift Strike: deals physical damage
  • Energy Drain: removes target defense, boosts own attack
  • Gaseous Form: additional armor
  • Vampiric Strike: self-healing attack
  • Regenerate (Passive): minor self-healing over time
Level Attack Defense Health Swift Strike Energy Drain Gaseous Form Vampiric Strike Regenerate (Passive)




Deals x damage Lower target defense to 0 and increase attack by x% briefly Increase armor by x% temporarily Deals x damage and heals self Heals x every 3 actions
70 620 676 2710 128-213 76% 100% 171-285 70
71 628 685 2746 129-214 76% 101% 172-287 71


Shikar is a Vampire Lord with an additional Energy Drain skill and better armor and resists, who is on stage 18 in The Covenant.

Shikar also appears in The Crimson Masquerade, with new abilities, among them is the Mass Dispension, which removes all buff from the heroes. The best strategy to face Shikar, especially in the extreme is to use Blackguard and Mystic, along with Cleric and another support hero, thus weakening their defenses, while Blackguard eliminates their monsters using their Saber.

Unusually for the boss monsters, due to the standard Vampire Lord's high level in level 70, Shikar has the same level cap as his basic monster counterpart. And because of their high defenses and the ability to use Gaseous Form, they are one of the best tanks to use with Amazon, so they can defend their tower at a higher level.

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