"Scintillating colors shimmer through this powerful cloak"

Shimmering Cloak is an uncraftable Super Rare Cloth armor. It can be obtained by defeating stage 5 of Zaluss The Demolisher.

Base Stats Edit

Special Properties Edit

  • +10.0% Dodge
  • 5% Faster cooldown to all skills
  • +100 Health
  • +20% Magic Resistance

Strategy Edit

Shimmering Cloak appears to be a neat hybridization of Coat of Quickening and Aetheron Robes. It provides a speed boost with lesser potency than that of Coat of Quickening, but to compensate its defense and magic resistances make the wearer much more survivable. While it doesn't appear to be any more useful than the Tier 2 armor pieces, it can be worn to decent effect by most available heroes until reaching level 55.

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