The Shop is where you can purchase a variation of goods such as currency, crafting components and even Heroes. It can be accessed by clicking the gold bag icon on the top right corner of the screen.



You can purchase heroes from this section for a certain amount of gold. The content is randomized per day, and each day it always includes:

  • Hero pack
  • Common hero
  • Uncommon hero
  • Rare hero
  • Very rare hero
  • Epic Hero

The cost of a hero depends on its rarity, where common heroes can be purchased for 500 gold while very rare heroes costs 200000 gold. Soul stones are instead on sale if you have already obtained the respective hero. The cost of the soul stone increases the more you purchase it, so it is not recommended to buy them consecutively unless you have a hefty amount of gold.


Gold can be purchased here for real currency in varying packs. The expensive packs hold a large sum of gold, but is worth more than the preceding pack in equal price (Meaning that you can save a small percentage of credits). You can use 100 gems to buy 5000 gold (Occasionally 10000 gold) or watch a short advertisement for 200 gold.


Gems in certain amounts are purchased for real currency. They come in packs the same way as gold does, but watching advertisements are the only way to receive gold without real credits, which in turn gives you 3 gems per ad.


Keeper Chests containing hero-related items are bought with gems. Each keeper chest contains Portal Stones, random Skill Scrolls and a small sum of gold.

Special PacksEdit

This section contains a Starter Pack and crafting components (Individual or in a pack) for sale. The crafting pack is bought with gems while the starter pack and individual crafting components are bought with real currency.

Training PacksEdit

This is where you can get training packs to improve your heroes' level and skill as well as improving the artisan's levels. They are bought with gems, but there is also an artisan points pack which is bought with real currency.

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