"This heavy mace constantly smokes from inner fire"

Smoking Mace is a rare One Handed Hacking weapon. It is preceded by the rare Crystal Hammer and succeeded by the Super Rare Tooth of the Lost God.


Level Attack Defense Damage
30 57 39 29
35 66 45 32
40 76 52 36
45 85 58 39
50 95 65 43
55 (max) 104 71 46

Special PropertiesEdit

  • +55 Health
  • +20% Fire Resistance
  • +10% Poison Resistance
  • +5% Shadow Resistance


The power that Smoking Mace offers is decent for lower levels. It can be used by Cleric to get some extra defense, or offensive heroes like Barbarian to get some extra damage.

At later levels, Smoking Mace generally becomes obsolete in favor of the Super Rare Moon Mace, which provides a much higher defense stat. However, in some rare cases, Smoking Mace actually provides better protection for your Cleric than the Moon Mace due to its 20% Fire Resistance. Some examples include later missions of Gathering Storm, which contains enemies that shoot extremely powerful fireballs, and The Crimson Masquerade, which contains enemies that use fireballs and multi-target Demonfire.

Trivia Edit

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