Sorceress Adventure

A periodic campaign that lasts 2 days.

You may choose four heroes for your party. One of the heroes must be the Sorceress.

Minor modifications and Uber StageEdit

Recently the Sorceress event had a small change as the event was considered very easy. From the end of Stage 6 to the end of Stage 9, you will have the Sorceress at the end using Graymarrow Wand and all your abilities. While in Stage 10 several Sorceresses were placed using various weapons, they also have the abilities of other heroes in the game, and receive a great increase of resistance against all types of attacks.


1- Sorceress' Adventure: 3 stages

  • Normal: Level 5+, 4 minimum. Chest: 1 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 50 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
  • Hard: Level 7+, 4 minimum. Chest: 75 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
  • Extreme: Level 11+, 4 minimum. Chest: 100 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)

2- Sorceress' Adventure: 3 stages

  • Normal: Level 7+, 4 minimum. Chest: 1 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 100 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
  • Hard: Level 10+, 4 minimum. Chest: 125 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
  • Extreme: Level 14+,16 minimum. Chest: 150 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)

3- Sorceress' Adventure: 3 stages

  • Normal: Level 10+, 4 minimum. Chest: 1 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 150 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
  • Hard: Level 13+, 12 minimum. Chest: 175 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
  • Extreme: Level 18+, 32 minimum. Chest: 200 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)

4- Sorceress' Adventure: 3 stages

  • Normal: Level 15+, 20 minimum. Chest: 1 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 250 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
  • Hard: Level 19+, 36 minimum. Chest: 315 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
  • Extreme: Level 25+, minimum 60. Chest: 375 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)

5- Sorceress' Adventure: 3 stages

  • Normal: Level 20+, 40 minimum. Chest: 1 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 350 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
  • Hard: Level 24+, 56 minimum. Chest: 450 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
  • Extreme: Level 31+, 56 minimum. Chest: 550 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)

6- Sorceress' Adventure: 3 stages

  • Normal: Level 28+, 72 minimum. Chest: 1 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 525 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
  • Hard: Level 33+, 92 minimum. Chest: 650 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
  • Extreme: Level 41+, 12 minimum. Chest: 775 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)

7- Sorceress' Adventure: 3 stages

  • Normal: Level 35+, 100 minimum. Chest: 2 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 700 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
  • Hard: Level 41+, 124 minimum. Chest: 850 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
  • Extreme: Level 50+, 160 minimum. Chest: 1,000 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)

8- Sorceress' Adventure: 3 stages

  • Normal: Level 45+, 140 minimum. Chest: 2 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 1,100 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
  • Hard: Level 52+, 168 minimum. Chest: 1,300 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
  • Extreme: Level 62+, 208 minimum. Chest: 1,500 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)

9- Sorceress' Adventure: 3 stages

  • Normal: Level 55+, 180 minimum. Chest: 3 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 1,500 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
  • Hard: Level 62+, 208 minimum. Chest: 1,750 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
  • Extreme: Level 74+, 256 minimum. Chest: 2,000 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)

10- Sorceress' Adventure: 3 stages

  • Normal: Level 50+, 160 minimum. Chest: 4 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 5,000 ×Icon-goldGold
  • Hard: Level 57+, 188 minimum. Chest: 5 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 7,500 ×Icon-goldGold
  • Extreme: Level 68+, 232 minimum. Chest: 6 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 10,000 ×Icon-goldGold

Strategy for Stage 9Edit

In this strategy that is possible at lvl 45, with at least 5 star lvl heroes, is Shaman with the fist of the dark one, knight (rare armour but it's better if you got shell of protection) and cleric. sorceress will have to equip her blade barrier, mirror image and beguile because she's really weak.

Knight will have his armour passive skill along with defence, parry,threaten,sunder. cleric will have quick/powerful heal and cleanse while shaman will got earthen strike, spirit rage, wicked punch and the skills that increase power and lowers skill cooldowns.

Strategy for Stage 10Edit

Lv 55:

Barbarian as tank up front with weapon throw, leaping strike and bear´s strength. Hawks speed and ward as passive, king´s hammer and living leather.

Sorceress with Mirror image (beguile might work also), lightning stroke and fire storm. Evocation magic and illusory magic as passive. Aetheron and Graymarrow.

Warmaster behind the barb with battle fury, heavy bash and call to arms. Shield of discipline and commanding aura as passive. Dragonscale or better as armour and king´s hammer.

Cleric with righteous call, cleanse and powerful heal with healer and charismatic leader as passive. Kings hammer/ambusher´s hacker and dragonscale/chain of the wretched.

First 2 stages are pretty easy. It's the last stage that is a challenge. Use baleful glare on the masked sorceress in the back and kill her as fast as you can. Bring resurrect-, immune, and soul potion/heal potion. When barb is about to use weapon throw, change to the first sorceress in the middle row and then change back to the masked one.

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