"Draws ambient soul energy to it and harnesses it"

Soul Cage is a Tier 3 Epic Cloth armor. It is preceded by the Tier 2 Epic Spellthread Robe.

Stats Edit

Level Attack Defense Armor
57 -18 89 12.8%
75 0 132 15.5%

Special Properties Edit

  • -0.3 Initative
  • +20% Soul energy
  • +50 Initial soul energy
  • 5% Faster cooldown to all skills
  • +5% Faster cooldown for party

Crafting componentsEdit

Components needed
Level 55+ Hardwood icon 487 Steel bar icon 531 Mystical essence icon 620 Adamantine bar icon 266 Arcane shard icon 177 Celestial orb icon 33 Void core icon 19


The Soul Cage is a support robe, granting soul energy boosts (increasing the amount the wearer gains through moves and granting a starting amount) and faster cooldown (for the party, stacking together for the wearer). In terms of special properties, it essentially acts as a combination of a King's Hammer (5% faster skill cooldowns to the party), a Coat of Quickening (5% faster cooldowns to the wearer combined with the 5% party boost total to a 10% self skill cooldown reduction), and a Praetor's Righteousness (initiative reduction, but less than the Praetor's, and granting soul energy right from the start of a mission).

However, in terms of stats, it's the worst of the epic cloth armours for attack and defense, but best in armour. At level 75, it doesn't grant any attack, just like the Aetheron Robes, but it reduces attack below 75, by one point per level "missing", making it grant the lowest amount of attack of any robe up until then. It also grants less defense than either lesser epic counterpart, providing 132 at level 75, compared to 151 from a level 63 Aetheron Robe or 165 from a level 75 Spellthread Robe.

This robe is helpful on any hero, simply due to the skill cooldown reduction benefitting damage dealing heroes (Mage, Archmage), and the party cooldown reduction making support heroes even more powerful. Damage dealing heroes also benefit from the soul energy boost, due to their strong attacks gaining more soul energy than normal, potentially giving you a full meter on a group attack against many enemies. However, damage dealing heroes are likely to benefit more from a Shimmering Cloak, due to it still granting a 5% skill cooldown reduction to the wearer while also boosting their attack by 1 point per level, as opposed to reducing it (or not altering it at 75), or a Spellthread Robe due to it boosting attack by 1 point per level and boosting magic damage dealt by 10%.

The initiative bonus, party speedup and initial soul energy can also be very beneficial for a burst damage team, and if you can kill the enemies fast then the lesser defensive properties won't even be an issue. High risk, high reward.

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