Spear Wall

Rarity Uncommon
Machine Type: Tank

"This spiked wall will damage any creature that attacks it in melee."

Value Value
Armor 0% Fire resist 0%
Ice resist 0% Lightning resist 0%
Poison resist 0% Light resist 0%
Shadow resist 0% Stun resist 0%


The Spear Wall can be crafted using cheap crafting components and a small amount of gold. The cost scales the more you upgrade your artisans. It can also be found as a common drop in chests and campaign levels.


  • Thorns: Reflect 50% damage to melee attackers (Passive)
  • Wall: Immune to critical hits, can't be healed or stunned (Passive)


  • The Spear Wall is incapable of attacking enemies directly, which makes it solely for protecting the back row, thus is best placed in front
  • Being a wall, it has the ability to prevent ranged attacks from targeting allies behind it although it cannot protect them against multi-target attacks. It is also immune to critical hits and stun effects, but cannot be healed whatsoever other than being cured of harmful effects.
  • With its Thorns passive skills, attackers with melee skills will receive 50% of the damage they inflict. This can hurt attackers a lot, especially when a skill with high damage is used.
  • Since it as no armour or resistances, it is easily dealt with by ranged attacks. This makes it obsolete around level 44-5
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