Spellthread Robe
Tier 2 epic Cloth armor. Preceded by the Aetheron Robes.

Requirements Edit

Blacksmith: 35

Alchemist: 55

Engineer: 50

Void Cores: 16


The bonus elemental damage is similar to the "damage type" special property on weapons, appearing as a secondary damage number.

While its defensive bonuses are inferior to those of its tier 1 counterpart, the Aetheron Robes, the higher level cap of a tier 2 item (level 75) compensates for this with higher base stats. Furthermore, the Spellthread Robe also enhances attack, which the Aetheron Robes do not offer, making it ultimately the clear choice for cloth wielders looking to maximize offense without losing much defense.

Max level: 75

Max base stats: 75 att, 165 def, 14.0% armor

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