A Star Level is crucial in determining the strength of a Hero. It determines Attack, Defense, Health, and the number and levels of Active, Passive, and Soul Skills.

Obtaining Edit

Every hero has a Star Level ranging from 1 to 7, with 7 being the strongest. Stars can be increased by gaining Soul Stones for the hero. Once enough Soul Stones are collected for the hero, he/she can be promoted to the next Star Level.

Soul Stones Required per Each Star Level
Stars Stones Needed Cumulative Promotion Cost
2 3 3 50
3 8 11 250
4 15 26 1,000
5 40 66 5,000
6 75 141 20,000
7 125 266 50,000

Stats and Skills Edit

An increase in Star Level will do four things: firstly, it will increase the Attack, Defense, and Health stats of the hero; secondly, it will make the Soul Skill stronger; thirdly, it will increase the number of Active and Passive skills that can be equipped at once; and finallly, it will increase the max level of Active and Passive skills by 1.

Stat Increases per Star Level
Stars Attack Defense Health
2 5 5 25
3 20 20 50
4 35 35 80
5 50 50 120
6 75 75 125
7 100 100 250

Importance Edit

Increasing a hero's Star Level is vitally important. The difference between opponents' Attack and your Defense, and vice versa, often singlehandedly determines the stronger team. In addition, many skills have major increases in strength when going from level 1 to level 10. As a result of Star Levels being such a decisive factor of player strength, it is often the focus of many strategies for playing through the entire game. Players are advised to make the most of every chance they get to increase the Star Levels of heroes, especially Super Rare and Epic heroes. This means doing Find Loot for lower rarity heroes, and utilizing the Tower's daily stone and daily Heroic Missions for higher rarity heroes. With proper play, most Common heroes, some Uncommon and Rare heroes, and at least one Super Rare and Epic hero (preferably Warmaster and Blackguard) should reach 7 stars before level 50.

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