String of God Status Max

String of the Gods is a tier second epic in class bow weapon.

Max level: 65

Max Attack: 162

Max Defense: 181

Max Damage: 146


As an improved version of the Wraithwind Bow, String of Gods has a large increase in attack and damage power, although its defense is much lower than its epic predecessor (has been increased in the 2.1 update from 2x level to 2.75x level), but still it's also great for be a defensive weapon to those who failed to obtain a Recurve Bow of Warding. Its properties are what makes this weapon very powerful, like having a 5% critical chance, 1% dodge, with less than 10% enemy dodge, always guaranteeing a high hit, with an extra increase of 150 health, and finally, a 7% increase in armor (was 3% before the 2.1 update).

As you can see, String of Gods can be as good for the Archer as for the Ranger, as it has both offensive and defensive power, so it's worth it to craft this weapon.

Trivia Edit

  • As an epic weapon, this weapon is the highest rarity of weapon to completely ommit a specific type of crafting component, ommitting Steel. It is also the only epic item at all that ommits a crafting component, as no epic armors or machines ommit crafting components.
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