Suit-of-Arms recipe
The Suit-of-Arms is a Super Rare crafting recipe for Machines.

It is the only Super Rare "Tank" recipe, and is the second-to-last recipe for Tanks. Learning its crafting recipe allows players to possibly earn the Razor Wall recipe in chests.


As you can see, Suit-of-Arms is the second-largest defense machine in the front, although its attacks are extremely weak, but it is compensated by the immense life they have, in addition to being able to attract attacks for itself, protecting the hero that protects this floor and other machines or monsters with lower lives.

Combining them with three or four Chill Turrent, this will make it more difficult for the hero to eliminate the defensive machine, since he also has great resistance to magic attacks, although they are limited until the nvl60 and much more advanced heroes can eliminate this machine. Even so, it will give you great defenses in Tower Assault and even in some events where you can use machines.

Trivia Edit

  • It is the only Super Rare class in which it does not charge Void Core for its manufacture
    • What also makes the super defense cheaper to manufacture also
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